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If you are looking to sell gold rings, gold bracelets, gold necklaces, or even gold teeth, YOU HAVE FOUND THE RIGHT PLACE! We are a LEVEL ONE BUYER of gold, silver and platinum on the Internet. We have been buying more than 30 years, and have perfected the art of buying from the public in a fast, private, and safe process.

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We Buy All Things Gold

We buy anything made of gold, including gold teeth, gold coins, and all karats of gold jewelry, rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

We DON'T Buy Gold Plate

All that glitters is not gold. We do not buy gold-plated, rolled gold, nor unstamped gold items, except dental gold which does not have to be stamped.   Real gold jewelry has a tiny imprint on it SOMEWHERE (known as the Hallmark). Usually it is very tiny but visible with the naked eye. If your gold is stamped, WE WILL BUY IT. If it is NOT STAMPED, don't send it.

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We have testimonials – from hundreds of happy sellers – please read what these sellers have to say about their selling experience.

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