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For Beginner Sellers

Beginner sellers don't know the difference between 14K gold and 14K Gold Plate. They need to learn how to tell real gold from fake gold. We are here to help. This page gives a CRASH COURSE in learning how to identify gold. PRINT THIS PAGE. Use it as you go through your stash of gold.

First Question: Do you meet our minimum?

If you only have one or two small ladies rings, or a tiny gauze necklace, then you do not have enough to do business with us. We apologize. It's not that we are snooty or anything, it's just that the cost of shipping, insurance, and payment prevents any profit from small deals. For example, we mail your check via Priority Mail so it gets to you fast. That alone costs $5.00. We pay your shipping and insurance (you use our FedEx account). That averages $10 per package. So, right from the start, we must overcome a fixed cost of $15 just to break even. Not to mention the high cost of radio and television advertising, employee wages, etc. etc.

On the other hand, one men's large high school class ring is easily worth several hundred dollars and thus meets our minimum. So, please don't be discouraged. It is easy to meet the minimum. A small palmful of gold will easily meet our minimum. One heavy-link bracelet or chain will meet our minimum.

If in doubt...ASK. Fill out the form below, tell us what you have, and we will let you know whether or not it's a GO.

Second Question: Is it Gold?

All yellow metal is not gold. If you are new to gold selling, you won't know the difference between real gold and fake. There is bronze, brass, gold filled, gold plate, rolled gold, 14K EGP (Electro-Gold Plate), 14K RG (Rolled Gold, which isn't solid gold at all) and a host of other gold "look-a-likes". They are ALL yellowish metal. But they AIN'T solid Gold. Beware of markings such as GE, HGE, EGP, GP, EP, GF, G.F., RG as these are ALL GOLD PLATED markings and HAVE NO VALUE.

The good news is...IT'S EASY TO TELL REAL GOLD BECAUSE IT WILL BE STAMPED!...(95% of the time)

Third Question: Is It Stamped?

RULE #1: If It AIN'T STAMPED, DON'T SEND IT. (exception to the rule: Gold Teeth)

You identify gold by the markings. Real gold jewelry has a tiny imprint on it SOMEWHERE (known as the Purity Hallmark, required by U.S. law since the early 1900s). Usually it is very tiny but visible with the naked eye. Sometimes the imprint is extremely tiny, such as on necklace clasps. For these, you will need a magnifying glass (preferably a 10X Jeweler's Loupe).

On gold rings, the imprint is inside the band. One bracelets and necklaces, on the clasp. On beads and charms, on the bottom.

Good Markings

10K or 10KT
417 (same as 10K)
14K or 14KT
585 (same as 14K)
18K or 18KT (the GOOD stuff)
750 (same as 18K, numeric markings are typically from Europe, especially Italy)
22K or 22KT (uncommon)
24K (watch out for 24K EGP! )

Bad Markings

We do not buy items with these markings:
1/20 10K RG
1/20 14K RG
1/20 12K GP
14 KP (P is for PLATED)
ANY number 10K, 14K, 18K 24K followed by any of the following letters: EGP, EP, GEP, GE, GF, G.F., GP, HGE, RG, RGE

What's Next?

Our policy is PAYMENT UPON DELIVERY. The next step is to get our PRE-SHIPMENT APPROVAL. We need to know that you plan to ship a package to us. You will need our FedEx account, which we only give out to those we have PRE-APPROVED and who are ready to ship. You should have CHECKED UP ON US so you know it is safe to ship to us. You should have read all the pages on this website so you know how long it takes to get payment after delivery (within 24 hours we mail the check by priority mail), how to package, and other questions you may have.

Not sure? Got a Question? Want to talk to a human being first? Simply call us at 1.423-320-1521 (cell, no late calls please) or 1.423-825.4693 (office, during business hours please) OR complete the form below.


Simply complete the form below. In the Description box, be sure to describe in detail what you will be sending, including quantities.
Example: a total of 24 rings, 3 bracelets, and two necklaces, all stamped 10K or 14K.

Our Promise

satisfaction guaranteed

  • We will deliver 110% customer satisfaction to all our sellers.
  • We will keep in constant communication with you during the entire process
  • We will make payment FAST!
  • We will do EVERYTHING we say we will do!


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